Automotive Staffed Events knows how challenging it is for car dealers to promote their dealerships and convert prospects into sales simultaneously.  We also know that organizing events to generate more leads and make more sales is not an easy task.  Hence, is responding to this need of car dealers through our automotive staffed events or dealership super sales service.  We are here to make things lighter and easier for car dealers. can provide for your every need through our competent human resources and exceptional offers.  Our event sales team consists of hand-picked professional sales staffs who value the reputation of your dealership and is held fully accountable before, during and after sale.  We have the industry's top management and sales staffs, including F&I staffs, who are more than willing to work with you and train your people personally in your very own on-site dealership.  Our staffed events team have been consistently ranked by car dealers as the most professional in the industry.

Our automotive super sales service is concerned about your convenience and success.  We can start and finish strong on any month.  We employ and teach the latest tactics and strategies in marketing and sales, especially on increasing closing percentage, guaranteeing a more effective approach to your prospects.  Moreover, the way we do the campaigns do not just attract more on-site prospects but also drive traffic to your dealership website as we always practice professionalism and display competency in the field.  This is evident in the capability of our sales team to sell 30 to 50 units from your inventory in a week and generate gross income of $90,000 to $150,000 in 4 days.  We can also guarantee total market exclusivity where no other dealers in your area have the same advantage as yours in our unique automotive advertising strategies, talented event sales team and innovative automotive staffed events programs.

At, we do not only help you boost your sales but we also help your people belong to the industry's finest.  If you want to make more sales, see how else we can provide for your needs by contacting us now.  We are just as passionate as you are in meeting success.