About Us

We, at Automotive Staffed Events, understand how the automotive industry has become more competitive, especially with the rise of the Internet. We are also aware of how automotive dealers work hard to be at the top of the competition. We also know that your job is not easy and we believe that Dealers can still maximize their potential to reach their goals, our goal is to make your work easier. This is the reason why Automotive Staffed Events exist. We are here to help dealers like you reach your goals by making you more competitive in the industry and by being the most competent partner you can have to pursue your vision. Our work goal is one with you.

Automotive Staffed Events provides dealership marketing and sales services with more than 35 years' experience. We have been consistently ranked as the most professional in services such as automotive direct mailing, sales staff training, staffed events, dealership search engine optimization or SEO and more. Our experiences have brought us to this point of providing more improved, more efficient and more advanced services that we can take pride of. Our team comprises of hard-working individuals who are skilled and trained at dealership marketing and sales. They are committed to bring improvement and success to your dealership. We also have in our team individuals who are excellent leaders in the industry.

In other words, we are not only here to make things easier for you. We do not just increase your sales. We are also here to train your people and help your dealership become more competent and productive. We are here to equip you and your staffs for the betterment of your dealership.

So, if you are ready to ramp up your sales and be more competitive in this ever challenging yet very lucrative industry, contact us now and learn more about what we can professionally and expertly do for you.

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What We Can Do

Automotive Staffed Events have been providing sales and marketing services to dealerships for more than fifteen years now. We are considered as the most professional dealership services provider in the automotive industry. Some of the services we provide are staffed events, staff training, automotive leads provision, automotive direct mail, internet marketing, and more.

Automotive Staffed Events have been providing automotive direct mail service to dealerships ever since it started. Through this service, we help dealerships save more time and money. We also spare them from all the stress of designing and composing direct mail templates and content.

Meanwhile, our staffed events are manned by a competent event sales team that value the dealership's reputation. This is composed of hand-picked professional management and sales staffs who will work in your dealership. We are also capable of generating up to $150,000 gross profit in 4 days. We do not only provide services focused on the performance and productivity of the dealership but we can also train your sales staff, making them make your dealership competent in the industry. Our sales staff training ensures that your staffs are fully trained from finding prospects to turning them into sure sales. Our sales staff training team consists of veterans and excellent professionals in the field. We only employ top trainers from US who are experts in the industry.

Our services can guarantee you that they are all targeted to an increase in your dealership's profitability and in making it more efficient. We can also guarantee that we can only practice professionalism in everything that we do as we work with all commitment and dedication.

Check out our services page to learn more about how we carry out these services and how they can benefit your dealership. If you are interested to try out our services, feel free to send in your queries or call us. We are more than willing to accommodate your concerns.

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